Task and analysis of a neurofeedback session.

Products for neurofeedback

neuroConn offers various solutions for neurofeedback which can be adapted to your specific requirements. neuroConn systems are high-performance EEG devices which can be used for neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback with NEURO PRAX® and THERA PRAX®

neuroConn offers a comprehensive range of products (THERA PRAX® and NEURO PRAX®): From a 13-channel neurofeedback device to a 64-channel EEG / Neurofeedback system that can also be used magnetic resonance imaging (f)MRI scanners. A mobile, portable feedback device, THERA PRAX® MOBILE, completes the range. This allows local treatment at the patient's house.

neuroConn feedback systems provide all feedback types: continuous, discontinuous, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback for all frequency ranges including slow cortical potentials (SCP). Our online artifact correction – in particular for interference caused by the patient' s eyes – creates additional confidence in feedback analysis.

Benefits for your practice:

Using Neurofeedback in your practice, you can open up new fields of treatment to new patients.

  • Offering modern, non-medicinal forms of treatment will enhance your positive image.
  • With neurofeedback you will be offering method of treatment that is not associated with any pain or side-effects, that replaces medication and which can therefore have a positive influence on your drugs budget.
  • The patient is actively involved in the treatment, thus becoming the therapist's effective partner in long-term success.