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Newsletter 7

July 2015

Read newsletter 7 This issue's topics:

  • neuroConn now neuroCare Group
  • new CE identification number for neuroConn medical devices
  • workshop recommendations, upcoming conferences

Non-invasive electrical brain stimulation:

  • tDCS and Effectiveness
  • Seeing better with Alternating Current
  • Depression: tDCS improves processing of negative emotions


  • Sleep quality improves through Neurofeedback
  • Neurofeedback improves control over impulsive and aggressive behavior in psychopaths
  • Newest developments for Neurofeedback in therapeutic practice


Newsletter 6

February 2015

Read newsletter 6 This issue's topics:

  • New approval for DC-STIMULATOR PLUS (Korea)
  • Safety of ADHD medications for children

Non-invasive electrical brain stimulation:

  • tDCS in depressen: current state of research
  • Latest research on tDCS: dystonia / tDCS and food intake regulation
  • German Center for Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry
  • tDCS only with medical supervision and with certified medical devices!


  • SCP-Training sustainable in the treatment of Epilepsy
  • Neurofeedback and NIRS (near infrared spectroscopy) for ADHD
  • Brain research in forensic psychiatry


Newsletter 5

April, 2014

Read newsletter 5 This issue's topics:

  • neuroConn have moved. New address since February 2014
  • DC-STIMULATOR PLUS: new registrations
  • International, national and regional research projects with our participation

Nichtinvasive Hirnstimulation:

  • New research presented at NWG 2014 and ICCN 2014
  • Can tDCS help patients regain state of consciousness after coma?
  • Shaping memory accuracy by tDCS


  • Amount of consumed medication decreased slightly


Newsletter 4

January, 2014

Read newsletter 4 This issue's topics:

Non-invasive brains stimulation:

  • Future of neuromodulation: mobile tDCS
  • Brain stimulation affects compliance with social norms
  • tDCS helps to quit smoking
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation with tDCS


  • Neurofeedback for ADHD: State of research
  • Standardized Neurofeedback protocols
  • Workshop Neuronavigation


Newsletter 3

May, 2013

Read newsletter 3 This issue's topics:

  • New website:

Non-invasive brain stimulation:

  • Transcranial brain stimulation - German society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (DGKJP)


  • Neurofeedback training of SCP in adults
  • Meta-analysis on the efficacy of non-pharmacological interventions for ADHS in the child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Neurofeedback in Parkinson's disease?
  • Neurofeedback of local brain activity
  • Neurofeedback in forensic science
  • Neurofeedback in professional sports


Newsletter 2

September, 2012

Read newsletter 2 This is a special issues introducing the new generation of the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS.

Non-invasive brain stimulation:

  • DC-STIMULATOR PLUS: description of new and improved features

Latest research:

  • tACS-EEG of growing interest in research
  • Latest research with DC-STIMULATOR presented at CNS 2012 (aphasia after stroke / numerical skills /  enhancement of learning and cognition)


Newsletter 1

February, 2012

Read newsletter 1 This issue's topics:

  • New DC-STIMULATOR PLUS: available by March 2012

Non-invasive brain stimulation:

  • Targeted transcranial HD-Stimulation
  • Social impact of pain
  • tDCS shows promising results in latest psychiatric and neurological research (depression / post-stroke reha)


  • THERA PRAX®: Neurofeedback for ADHD
  • THERA PRAX®: preferential device for studies and therapy of ADHD