neuroConn DC-STIMULATORs cover all requirements for transcranial stimulation.


DC-STIMULATOR PLUS with all options
Intuitive handling via 4 buttons

The DC-STIMULATOR PLUS is a stimulator for conducting non-invasive transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), alternating (tACS) or random noise (tRNS) current stimulation on people.

Specification of the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS:

The DC-STIMULATOR PLUS is a micro-processor-controlled constant current source. It meets the highest safety standards thanks to (hardware- and software-based) multistage monitoring of the current path. By continuously monitoring electrode impedance it can detect insufficient contact with the skin and automatically terminate stimulation.This is a reliable method of excluding any injury to the patient.

Besides transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS also makes it possible to conduct bi-polar stimulation (tACS).

  • 1 channel, unipolar (DC) and bipolar (AC) stimulation
  • Adjustable range of current ±4,500 µA, maximum adjustable current strength ±1,500 µA (peak-to-peak)
  • Adjustable application time up to 30 minutes
  • Frequencies adjustable up to 250 Hz, phase freely adjustable
  • 4 standard modes - tDCS (continuous stimulation) - pulse (cyclical stimulation activation/deactivation) - sinus (sinus wave) - noise (normally distributed)
  • customer-specific programs possible (optional)

Hard- and software options:

  • Schedule mode to set up a treatment schedule for your patient
    For the safe and controlled operation of the device outside a hospital or doctor's surgery. The therapist sets up the parameters of the stimulation and a schedule. The patient can do nothing but start the stimulation at the predefined time. The patient cannot make any changes to the settings. An internal logfile records all actions for later analysis.

  • Study mode for double-blind studies
    The study mode encodes sham and active stimulation using one out of 200 5-digit codes. There are four settings available to meet even complex study conditions. The parameters can be set individually. As long as the study mode is enabled, only the study manager can change the parameters.

  • fMRI Add-on
    The DC-STIMULATOR PLUS can be extended with filter boxes and cables for operation within an fMRI scanner. This optional module allows artefact-free MR images even during EPI sequences. The module has been tested for 1.5 and 3 Tesla scanners.

  • Signal Out for EEG measurement during tACS / tRNS:
    Signal Out allows you to track, analyse and process the voltage waveform the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS sends out to external devices. In combination with our EEG-system NEURO PRAX you can measure online-corrected EEG signals even during tACS/tRNS. This is unique worldwide.

  • Operation via externally controlled voltage source (option "Remote")
    The REMOTE mode enables you to operate the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS externally controlled by a voltage supply source. The generated current follows proportionally to the applied voltage. Hereby - voltage source and the output of the constant current source are galvanically isolated.

  • Trigger In
    When the trigger in module is enabled, the selected stimulation setting can be started via a voltage impulse. So several stimulators can be operated simultaneously or a stimulation can be triggered by a definded event.

  • Trigger Out
    In the modes „Sinus“ and „Pulse“ the stimulator provides a signal which is coherent with the signal of the stimulation. The signal is galvanically isolated from the voltage source and can be processed by external software.


You can find detailed technical specifications for the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS in the product brochure: