TMS with Neuronavigation and EEG recording. All our systems integrate with each other.

neuroConn-systems for research and clinical practice

neuroConn provides integrated equipment solutions and services to fully meet the needs of researchers and clinicians working within NEUROMODULATION, NEURONAVIGATION, BRAIN-IMAGING and NEUROFEEDBACK.

Our extensive collaboration with leading neurologic research institutes makes us a worldwide leader in the development of systems for the diagnosis and therapy of neurological disorders. Our range of products includes DC-EEG systems (NEURO PRAX®), Neurofeedback and Biofeedback systems (THERA PRAX®), devices for transcranial stimulation (DC-STIMULATOR) and systems for TMS-Navigation.

All our systems can be adapted to your individual requirements. Therefore, they are suitable for big hospitals or research institutes as well as for medical practices.